SharePoint Development


SharePoint Development

Microsoft SharePoint –An Enterprise Solution

Microsoft SharePoint is a highly flexible platform integrated with Microsoft Office the world’s most used office application. It helps businesses create workspaces, organize meetings, and streamline collaborative activities for various departments and individuals.

Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint to Clients

Simple Sharing: Microsoft SharePoint’s framework permits users to conveniently manage, store and share information across the organization. As the documents are managed and accessed through a centralized document repository that helps individuals create personalized workspaces or whiteboard.

Scalability: Claritus helps businesses scale and extend the platform catering to future technological requirements that saves your time and money. From creating alerts or notifications to creating business based communication tools, SharePoint framework can be used to create such applications and tools.

Deployment: Microsoft SharePoint can be easily installed on a single computer as well as complex network computer systems.

Security: The frameworks allows admin to grant access to users to upload specific files, based on the permission assigned, or block users to upload to document repository or download it. To maintain integrity and security, different rights and permissions can be assigned to various user types.

Synchronization: Our Offshore SharePoint developers can ensure features enabling users to create and manage contact list, files, and documents offline, and get them synchronized when they are online. Microsoft SharePoint is highly customizable.

You can also hire our talented Sharepoint developers to work as your dedicated resources/offshore team reporting directly to you.

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